Central Oil Industries is an ISO9001 certified company, founded in the year 1948 from Kolkata. The founder Shri Ranchhoddas Thacker, right since inception took the company to a scorching pace of growth and till date we are a leading player in India in the field of Petroleum Products, Petrochemicals, Speciality Oils and Solvents supplying to major and minor Multinationals in India


The legacy that Mr. Ranchhoddas Thacker has created has been ably enhanced by Mr. Chandrakant Thacker who pioneered in distillation of Light Diesel Oil ( L.D.O. ) and manufacturing products such as Agricultural Spray Oils, Calibration Oils, Glass Mould oils, Rubber Processing Oils, etc.


Our plant at Panvel is one of the best in its kind in terms of Production Capacity, Filtering and Percolation Facilities, Solubilising Facility & Storage Capacity alongwith fully equipped laboratory and competent technical staff.


Over the years, Central Oil has evolved in this trade into a multi-product organization supplying to Major and Minor Oil Companies and Multinationals, catering to various end use industries. Today we are leading manufacturer and supplier of a diverse range of petroleum speciality products.


We at Central Oil pride ourselves on doing business with Major and Minor Oil Companites around the globe since the past 6 decades, solely based on consistency and quality of our products coupled with competitive pricing.


In 2007, we started International trade of Speciality Products including sourcing of Base Oils and exporting Speciality Finished Products around the globe led by the third generation of entrepreneurs


Some of the applications of our products are:

  • In the manufacture of 2T Oils 
  • In the manufacture of Rust Preventive Oils
  • In the manufacture of Anti-Static Oils
  • In the manufacture of Artificial Leather
  • In the manufacture of Honing Oils
  • In the manufacture of Lubricants & Greases
  • In the manufacture of Car Under body Coatings
  • In the manufacture of House hold Products
  • In the manufacture of Printing inks
  • In the manufacture of Neat / Straight and Soluble Cutting Oils
  • In the manufacture of Wood Preservatives
  • In the manufacture of Spark Erosion Fluids
  • In the manufacture of De-greasing Solvents
  • In the manufacture of Aerosols
  • In the manufacture of Honing Oils
  • In the manufacture of Transformer Oils
  • In the manufacture of Lapping Oils
  • In the manufacture of Lamination Oils for Hydraulics
  • As Calibrating Oil
  • As Coolant in Metal Working
  • As Granite Cutting Oil
  • As Aluminum Rolling Oil
  • As Spray Oils.
  • As Spindle Oils
  • As Drilling Fluids