Our current list of manufactured and supplied products.                          



Low / De - Aromatic Oils - Centrol 17 / 30R / 80DA / 38DA / 45DA

Kerosene cuts & A hydrocracked, dearomatised hydrocarbon fluids.Applications range from 2T Oils, Paints, Wood preservatives, Degreasing, Ink oils, drilling fluids, Spark Erosion, Forming & corrosion protection fluids, Fluids requiring low pour point, Lapping, Superfinishing, Honing fluids, Grinding, Water based fluids, textile, Aluminum rolling oils, Metal cutting fluids.


Calibration Oil - Centrol 40R / 38DA / 45DA

Specialty product. Low viscosity, Low / zero aromatic product used in calibration oils 



Low viscosity Base Oils - Centrol 45R / 50R / 50RW

Low viscosity high flash oils. Viscosities ranging from 6 - 10 CST.
Applications range from Spindle oil, Coning oil, Transformer oil. 


Base Oils : Centrol 50R / 190R / 220R /400R

N12, N32, N100, N460 equivalent. Base oils required for the automotive and lube industry.

White Oils - Centrol 50RW / 190RW / 220RW

Group-II 70, 150, 500 equivalent.Technical white oils required in high end automotive oils, Lubricants, Synthetic Lubricants.

Rubber Oils - Centrol 100 / 50R / Centrol 190R

RPO, Cutterol, HA equivalent. Applications in the rubber industry.


Specialised Products

We excel in manufacturing products based on our clients needs. So if you cant find what you're looking for, feel free to Contact Us.